About - Bub Bub

Hi there!

Hi there!
Bub Bub is a mama owned and operated business, based in bee-yoo-tee-ful Austin, Texas.

After having my first child, I started making comfy clothes for my little dude (known around these parts as Bub) to discover the world in. After a while, folks started asking me, "Hey! Where'd ya get those pants?" and I started making a few things here and there for friends. What started as a weekend endeavor has turned into this nifty little online shop and my product list is quickly growing to include doll slings, crayon rolls and playsilks in addition to our sweet playwear.

Our products are handmade (by me!) in small batches. Fabrics are purchased in small amounts, according to whatever may attract my eye, some only being used for one round of listings. This means our goodies are limited edition, in fact your item may be one of a kind!

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